Saturday, June 26, 2010

Vfdeos De Caballos Follando Mujeres

Eirene, and peace.

The music of Eirene settles mainly on ethnic sounds that are interwoven with folk and rock paths: the sounds of the earth and the world revisited in a classic and modern, often surrounded by a dizzying rhythmic crescendo that solution lies in what could be called nothing but ethno-fusion.

The fast-paced and texts written so as to realize the full meaning and musicality of the vernacular Sicilian landings refer to the Saracens, to the dusty streets and sunny Sicilian hinterland, courtyards lit by the latest gossip of the neighborhood.

The Eirene will be performing at Timpaviva, Thursday, July 1 at 21 . You can listen to some songs on .

Eirene, and peace.
No reference to the female world (but always a source of reflection, inspiration and song, and admiration) or to any social event: the name comes from Greece (rigorosamentemagna) and was chosen a bit 'of years ago, the everlasting voice of the group: Lorenzo. It then moves to a small caravan Sicilian music history a little 'twisted: a bustle of musicians who, under the eyes of the omnipresent Lorenzo took turns bringing something important to everyone, from art to life, rooted in conviction about CCA s'jetta components. Click here
story would be complicated enough to say that today Eirene as well as Lorenzo, the historian Stephen (guitar solo - after Lorenzo as this), then Seba (rhythm guitar), save it (accordion, marranzano), Alessio ( percussion, drums, sgrusci) and, finally, the newest Seby (bass and double bass). Musicians
very conscious of not having much in common with each other (just look) at all, though, like stories full of dust and light, like an old stage of a theater, so they chose to tell, and, clearly, so them, convinced that at the same time and in the same way you can make women dance, fire and words go.
All the music, mother, daughter and dressed the text, which has just found the definition, given its vagueness, is best suited to Eirene: contamination. In fact, the music of contamination to be defined in its boundaries need to discourage so many specifications, often, every request: ethnic, funky, rock, pop, folk ... Definitions, willing, come close (at least historically) to each other, but each have an identity: Eirene's have chosen to marry them all every time they see fit, thanks to the awareness of "uncommon" that it is often a source of heated discussions (sometimes burning their own), and adhesive strength becomes. A purely Oriental-adhesive matrix and the Sicilian dialect of the ethnic brand Aces (because it is so large that come from Aci artists).
However, despite the human differences, one thing unites the six Eirene: the wonderful world of women, the engine of the mobile world, which leads them to sing, addressed to the moon, sirens, dimavare of curtigghi of Nedda.
"I told myself to my about the night is always dark: veni cu mine, do not you scantari Huns portu ju ..." ( source)


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